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BE CALM Parenting

Welcome- There has never been a harder time to be a parent. When your child is throwing yet another tantrum, you are ready for a better way to respond to your child in that moment! Whether you are pulling your hair out because your little one is melting down again as you try to get everyone out of the door  OR you find yourself yelling WAY more than you ever thought you would, being a calmer, more connected parent is within your reach with BE CALM Parenting.


BE CALM is a mindfulness- based system that is here for you - one child at a time, one day at a time. Ekua Walker, NP Child Development Nurse Practitioner, parent coach and C.E.O.- Chief ENCOURAGEMENT Officer, brings together a practical, holistic, whole- family solution to turn your child's behavior challenges into opportunities. Sign up today. 

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Counseling Services

Learn how to implement a step-by-step strategy that works with preschoolers on up. BE CALM Parenting Bootcamp: In 4 to 6 weeks or less, see your own stress level comes down as you help yourself and your child navigate those tough moments every parent deals with. 

Ongoing coaching provides support to implement the tools at home AND walk alongside you to line up medical, educational and therapeutic services for your child for 6-12 months.  It all starts with the free webinar! 

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Talk to Ekua today about supporting parents in your organization with behavior challenges.  The BE  CALM Parenting curriculum provides practical step-by-step guidance for parents in your school, healthcare or community organization. Email [email protected] for more!

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Announcing my FREE webinar for Parents with young children.  I share my BE CALM Parenting system for turning behavior challenges into opportunities!

Ekua Walker, NP

As a Child Development Nurse Practitioner diagnosing and treating children with developmental delays/mental health challenges, parent coach, wife and mother of two, it has been my heart's passion to support parents in understanding their children and knowing what to do in the toughest of moments.  Trained at Stanford University and UCSF, Ekua brings together her expertise in child development and health behavior with practical reality of daily life with two children (who are her greatest teachers!) to help parents find the CALM and JOY in parenting they have always desired.  Learn more through our podcast- Moms Changing The World.

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Always BE  CALM

Bonus features include meal ideas, guided meditations and self care challenges to move toward your child at a time, one day at a time.

Live since September 17, 2020 podcast launch!

We are solidly in the 3rd season of episodes!  Join our crew and catch up on what Moms Changing the World podcast and BE  CALM is all about.  Get to know Ekua in the trailer and first few episodes and listen for parenting "gems" in every episode.  Share your biggest parenting questions and challenges you would like to hear addressed on the show in upcoming episodes. 

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